World Wide Apps

Collaborative Open Source Web Applications

Current status: almost there. :-)


2014/02/28 : Having to use git to change a webpage of a "development toolkit for building and optimizing complex browser-based applications" is... wrong.
2012/08/07 : They've missed the edit source and they are still on beta. If Koding enables colaborative coding of their own platforn, then they will rock!
2010/06/03 : ScraperWiki is a good example how a website can give users the option to code their own functionalities.
2009/06/02 : Wiki-OS caught my attention since it's the first interesting example of a World Wide App. Neat!
2009/02/17 : Codebits presentation is now available online.
2009/02/08 : Mark Surman gave an interesting presentation at FOSDEM: study, copy, modify, share.
2009/02/01 : Future of Web Apps, in Miami Fev/09.
2008/12/04 : Very good article on RedHat Magazine with a description on how new functions are added on RHEL ( hint: "anyone can add it" ).
2008/11/25 : Nice feedback from mwn. Thanks!
2008/11/24 : Grabbed some cool ideas from zorton. Thanks!
2008/11/24 : Quick stop at sapo to talk a bit more about wwapps.
2008/11/16 : MV feedback can be read here. Thanks!
2008/11/15 : Download the presentation here: wwapps.ppt (ppt) or wwapps.pdf (pdf).
2008/11/15 : Made a short presentation on codebits.
2008/11/15 : First lines of code to build an example ( 4 hours during the night, name for it came up during breakfast ).
2008/11/14 : Kicked in the butt for not being a loyal first follower. :-)
2008/11/13 : Talked with jan for 2+ hours. Brain melted down.
2008/10/19 : Email sent to mvalente for further comments. Subject: web based app devel. :-)
2008/10/18 : First draft on paper ( bus ticket, tien's pen from previous dk trip ).

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